Todd Scholz

T. Scholz

Todd Scholz
VP of Research & Member Services
USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council

Jim Heitholt, PhD

Crop Physiologist and Professor
University of Wyoming
Powell Research and Extension Center

Clare Coyne, PhD

Clare Coyne

Plant Germplasm Introduction and Testing Research Research Geneticist

Monica Brelsford

Monica Brelsford

Research Associate
Montana State University

Nonoy Bandillo, PhD

Nonoy Bandillo

Assistant Professor – Pulse Breeding
North Dakota State University

Frankie Crutcher, PhD

Frankie Crutcher

Assistant Professor in Plant Pathology
Montana State University
Eastern Agricultural Research Center

Kevin McPhee, PhD

Kevin McPhee

Professor in Plant Genetics and Breeding
Montana State University

Rebecca McGee, PhD

Rebecca McGee

Research Geneticist
USDA ARS Grain Legume Genetics Physiology Research

Lyndon Porter, PhD

Lyndon Porter

Research Plant Pathologist
United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service